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What is boost?
*By boosting your server, you are distinguishing it from the crowd and showing it to our visitors on home page.
*When you boost server, its pushed to the top of the boost list, and its there until other boosted servers "push it" out.
*Your server gets added to Setti MasterServer BOOST, and gets massive amount of players, something like very strong redirect. You can read more about our master server here (Bulgaria)
*There are no limits for boosting single server !
*Its allowed to advertise boosting on your servers/forums, also its possible for boosters to specify their nickname, so you can reward them for boosting your server :)

IMPORTANT - Boosting rules
*Its prohibited to boost servers which have Gamemenu hacks that modify default CS options (New Game, Find Servers, Options, Quit) !
*Its prohibited to boost fake servers which redirect players to some other servers !
*It is prohibited to boost server that contains auto connect !
*Servers that change essential game files will be deleted and IP banned !
Disobeying boost rules leads to instant IP ban, account ban, all servers you added and removing your server from boost list before boost expires !

SMS Payment
*Questions and suggestions regarding SMS Boost email to grandsb@abv.bg
*SMS payment quality guaranteed
*Choose your country for SMS payment
WARNING! When sending SMS, in rare conditions boost can be late few hours when there is a delay between mobile provider and csepay.mybb.online!


1c. Order Weekly Boost via Paypal (7 days)

Write numerical IP address and port in the text field. Verify your server IP is correct. Your server will be boosted after succesful operation.

2. VIP status in Setti Masterserver

Your server gets more visibility in server browser.

3. More visitors to your server

4. Profit :-) Boosted server